Frequently Asked Questions


SellerGyan is the voice of answer to all the struggles that a seller goes through when selling online. An attempt at making the online marketplace fair and square for every seller out there, big or small.

ProSellerAI is the brainchild of our founders. It is a fusion of e-commerce analytics and Artificial Intelligence that helps sellers generate actionable insights that helps sellers get more sales. Once you log into it and choose the SKUs you want the statistics for, this tool will give you everything you need to know in order to increase their sales.

This is yet another tool that saves a seller a lot of time. With the different fulfillment options offered by Amazon it get a bit difficult to choose the method that will be the most profitable. This simple calculator allows you to compare the profits that you will make in each fulfillment method making it easier to make the right choice.

A tool that helps you host multiple photos of your various products and bunch them together to easily upload them while you are listing your products on Amazon. All you need to do is upload all your pictures in one go and it is ready.

It is very difficult to get genuine reviews on Amazon but since it is very essential to make your prospective customers to buy your product, this easy-to-use tool will help you get them without violating any of the policies set forth by Amazon. It uses the only medium that Amazon allows, i.e email, to it’s fullest potential and gives you the much needed review.

Viral Paisa is a tool that takes the promotion of your products to whole new level. It creates short URLs of your products and makes sure that they reach the relevant buyers through a dedicated community of frequent online buyers.