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How is CatalogueURL Different?

One Click Hosting

Host product images on secure AWS server to improve the hosting speed and reduce downtime, improve time-to-market and scale your online sales.

Multi Channel Cataloging

These image urls are applicable for all marketplace cataloging & listing. Saves time in multi channel cataloging and listing.

Easy to Use

Web app. Access anywhere. Simple UI. No resizing of images. You can even upload clipboard images too. Drag & Drop Images to start uploading.

Saves Cataloging Time

Stop copy pasting one by one image urls in cataloging. One click host & generate bulk image urls with respect to each SKU.

Generates Bulk Image Urls

Generating Bulk image URL’s save huge amount of time in coping product links from usual photo hosting software and filling the catalog sheet.

Download links in Excel File

Get SKU wise image urls sorted for different angles in excel format. Which will help easily map your image links with right product.

Who Uses CatalogueURL?

Ecommerce Cataloging Made Easy & Fast

Stop Converting URL’s one at a time. CatalogueURL generates you bulk image urls for multi channel high volume cataloging.

Shortcut to Manage your Clients Multi Channel Cataloging

Worried about cataloging speed? CatalogueURL saves your time and increases your cataloging speed. This gives you scope to handle more clients.

Speed up your Seller Onboarding and get Space to Onboard more Sellers

Worried about seller onboarding speed ? CatalogueURL lets you bulk host & convert image urls to speed up your catalog uploading.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: CatalogueURL is an efficient and easy to use image hosting tool. It can be used to upload and share images across popular E-commerce Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Lazada, Linio, Rakuten, Souq, Sears and Bonanza.

A: CatalogueURL supports all major image formats including .jpg .png .tiff .bmp and .gif

A: The maximum file size accepted is 1000 KB.

A: CatalogueURL can provide unlimited storage based on your subscription plan. Please go to Pricing tab for the suitable plans.

A: Go to Credits, you can track usage statistics and buy additional credits.

A: Yes, you can check the preview, for each SKU how many images have been uploaded.

A: Yes, User data will be securely stored in cloud server and specific to user.

A: CatalogueURL is a secure cloud hosting software. Your files are available only to you. These security measures ensures the prevention of image leeching and the protection of your file locations.

A: If your free trial expires and the account is not upgraded, you will not be able to convert image links. Subscribe to any paid package to continue converting image hosted links.

A: Our services will host any legal images, except for adult-rated images. Any files against the law will be deleted and your info will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Please read the Terms and Conditions before uploading any images.

A: Yes, you need to rename the images with SKU to map with your catalogue. Example: SKU: ABC123. Main image name : ABC123_1, Second image name: ABC123_2… and so on. Each image should be differentiated with '_' and use only numeric tails, so that in your export file you will get image links in the same order.

A: No, CatalogueURL does not compress or resize your images.

A: Images of active subscribers are not subject to any storage limits. But you need to use these links within a month. Because end of each month your old unused links will be expired. Please see Terms and Conditions for full details on CatalogueURL policies.

A: CatalogueURL image links are accepted globally across all E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, Bonanza, Flipkart, CDiscount, Souq, Sears, Linio, Zilingo, AliExpress, Tmall, Voonik, Limeroad…